Jarrah honey from Western Australia is now in store, with special qualities

We’ve now got fantastic Jarrah honey available in store, and it is very special indeed.

Its special because Jarrah honey is made from the nectar bees get from the blossoms of the mighty Jarrah tree.Jarrah honey

Actually a type of Eucalyptus, the Jarrah tree grows very slowly, and eventually, after as much as 400 years, can be up to 50 meters tall.

It grows only in south-Western Australia and has long been renowned for the high-quality of its timber.

But more recently it has become recognized as the source for a very special honey.

Jarrah honey is now recognised as having unique natural qualities that make it very useful in a medical or health context.

Particularly when it is fresh, Jarrah honey often has very high levels of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide.

Many Australians will know of this chemical as the main component of the bleach that surfers use to whiten their hair so as to get that much coveted, regular beach-goer look.

But in Jarrah honey these high levels of hydrogen peroxide are important because, like Manuka honey, it can kill certain microbes and bacteria.

Jarrah honey appears to be better than Manuka honey however, at treating fungal infections like tinea. It is also good at treating other skin infections and is even being touted as a treatment for womens complaints such as thrush.

Measuring the potency of Jarrah honey requires a different laboratory test method than that usually employed for Manuka honey.

That’s because the usual Manuka honey test deliberately suppresses any peroxide effects to ensure that is it only the unique characteristics of Manua honey being tested (And that is why Manuka honey ratings are sometimes known as Non-Peroxide Activity or NPA ratings.)

So Jarrah honey testing is much simpler, and ratings described as Total Activity or TA.

Of course, Jarrah honeys high TA rating is not its only uniquely important quality.

Jarerah honeys naturally low level of glucose is also important.

Its important because high-levels of glucose promote quicker crystallization of honey.

Indeed Jarrah honey can have such low levels of glucose that it virtually never candies or crystallizes.

With such low levels of glucose, Jarrah honey has a relatively low GI rating, and is much safer for diabetics to consumer than normal honeys.

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