Australasian Honey Bee Research Conference scheduled for Perth, Western Australia in April 2021

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An Australasian Honey Bee 2021 Research Conference is to be held in Perth, Western Australia from 29th June 29 – 1st July 2021.

Few details of the conference are yet available although a web site is now up at

The main conference organisers are the co-operative research centre (CRC) for Honey Bee Products based at the University of Western Australia.

Established in 2017 with funding from the federal government and industry backing, the CRC supports academics and post-graduate students doing honey bee related research.

According to an announcement at the CRC’s web site, the conference will bring together researchers from across Australia and internationally in four themes:

  • Apiary sites
  • Honey chemistry and bioactivity
  • Honeybee health
  • Product traceability and marketing

The programme is expected to also include talks and presentations from industry and beekeeping figures, and an equipment or trade show will run alongside or as part of the event.

Site visits to local Perth apiaries and related activities are also expected to be scheduled immediately after the event.

As well as the CRC, the event is being backed by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia and the Australian Government Department of Industry.

For more information go to

Or visit the CRC for Honey Bee Products directly at\

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