Jarrah honey, 250gms, Rated 50+ for Total Anti-Bacterial Activity
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Jarrah Honey, TA 50+ Forest Fresh, 250gms

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Jarrah honey is a rare and delicious honey from Western Australia with significant therapeutic properties.

It comes from WA's ancient wild forests and the mighty Jarrah trees that grow only there. (Latin name: eucalyptus marginata).

Growing up to 50 metres tall, Jarrah trees take as many as three hundred to four hundred years to reach adulthood. They don't flower every year, and only produce blossoms when conditions are just right.

That is one reason why Jarrah honey scarce as well as special.

But even more important is the fact that its unique qualities include a naturally high ratio of fructose to glucose sugars. 

So, in normal use it will never crystallize and stay liquid and good to eat almost for ever.

Jarrah honey has an earthy, rich aroma, and a delicious, distinctive flavour with pronounced caramel notes.

Many Jarrah honeys are also naturally blessed with a strong anti-bacterial potency.

Their potency derives from the unusually high levels of hydrogen peroxide often found in fresh Jarrah honey.

Lab tests show that this particular Jarrah honey is exceptionally potent with a Total Activity (i.e. TA) rating of 50+. In other words the honey has the same bacterial killing ability as a 50% phenol solution.

This means Jarrah honey can not only help with sore throats and mouth conditions, but also has the potential to help in treatment of skin issues like tinea and similar fungal conditions.

For more information go to www.forestfreshhoney.com.au

Note: Please consult with your general practitioner before using for medicinal purposes. Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months old. 

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Glen S
Love it!

I really like the taste and how it has improved my cough during having Covid. I will purchase again.

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