Manuka honey, MGO 30+, Tasmanian Honey Company, 500gms jar
THC Manuka 30+, 500gms side A
Tasmanian Honey Company

Manuka honey, MGO 30+, Tasmanian Honey Company, 500gms jar

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Delicious, healthy Manuka honey, with an MGO activity rating of 30+ from the Tasmanian Honey Company
Produced from Manuka bushes growing wild in Tasmania's ancient forests this is a 500gms jar of pure, natural honey that promotes good health and tastes great as well.
Manuka honey has natural anti-bacterial properties that help in dealing with minor ailments such sore throats, colds and skin complaints.
Abrasions, minor cuts and the like can also benefit from the natural healing achieved by the application of manuka honey.
Thats because the honey will not only sterilize the area, but it also naturally draws out any excess moisture.

Of course the New Zealand honey industry has worked hard to try and persuade the world that the Manuka bush (latin name leptospermum scoparium ) is found only in New Zealand, and that manuka honey only comes from New Zealand.
But thats simply not true - its just marketing spin.
In fact the Manuka bush is indigenous to Australia and especially to Tasmania.
Indeed the bush almost certainly arrived in New Zealand on the winds blowing across the Tasman sea from Tasmania.

So why not buy a genuine Australian manuka honey like this one, packaged in a hygienic 500gms PET jar; and featuring a beautiful graphic design.

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