raw  mountain gum honey
Raw mountain gum honey
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Raw mountain gum honey

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Mountain gum honey is a classic, 'goldilocks' Australian eucalyptus honey.
It rates 3 out of 5 stars on the Raw honey company's sweetness scale and 3 out of 5 on the flavour strength scale.
So this is a goldilocks honey. Its just like the porridge in the Hans Christian Andersen classic fairytale. Its sweet and light but not too sweet or too light. And its delicious but not too strongly flavoured.
Its suitable for all traditional honey uses and sure to be loved by all the family.
The honey was harvested from mountain gum trees (latin name - eucalyptus dalrympleana) growing in the Toombullup  state forest of north eastern victoria.
Its raw honey, because it has been extracted cold, and bottled without any heating or processing.
So it still contains pollen, bees wax and other goodies that are normally filtered out in supermarket honey.
This means the honey retains all the goodness, flavour and vitality the bees originally made it with.
This 500gms honey package is bottled in a recyclable glass jar with a metal screw on lid.
Choose from either natural candied ( i.e. crystallized and firm) or liquid style. (Note: Liquid honey has been gently warmed.)

For more information go to www.rawhoney.farm.

[Note: If you prefer your honey liquid you can usually restore candied honey to a liquid state with gentle warming, e.g. by standing in a pan of hot water. But to keep as much of the honey's natural goodness as possible try to warm at less than the typical maximum summer temperature inside a bee hive - or around 40 degrees celsius.]

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