Friendly giant is cold-extracted, pure, raw honey made from a blend of the nectars of red and grey mallee trees growing in the Annello flora & fauna reserve of north-eastern Victoria
Raw 'Friendly Giant'  honey
Raw Honey Company

Raw 'Friendly Giant' honey

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This delicious honey is bottled 'cold', and extracted 'cold', thereby retaining all the natural flavour and goodness of 100% pure honey.
Its also what makes this raw friendly honey so tasty, and so special.
Honey is usually 'warmed' for extraction and bottling to help make those tasks easier.
Warming makes the honey more viscous or 'runny' and so helps it flow more readily.
Overdoing the warming however, can strip honey of some of its natural goodness.
Which is why processing 'cold' guarantees none of honey's essential goodness is lost.
This particular honey is sourced from flowering eucalyptus trees in the Annuello Flora and Fauna Reserve in early summer in the Mallee region of north western Victoria.
(The latin name for these trees, which are sometimes also call red mallee trees, is eucalyptus socialis and eucalyptus incrassata)
So this is a genuine wild, forest honey, totally pure and natural without any man-made chemicals or taint.
The honey naturally candies into an almost pure white, creamy form that is surprisingly soft. (It will, of course, return to a clear, liquid state with heating. However heating will inevitably destroy at least some of its natural goodness and is not recommended).

About The Raw Honey Company

The Raw Honey company are a small, family based, apiary with their headquarters and operations near Nalinga in north central Victoria.
They are dedicated to the production of raw, and organic honeys to ensure the finest quality product, with maximum of natural health benefits.
Presented in a recyclable glass jar with a re-sealable metal lid.

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