Leatherwood honey, Blue Hills, 500gms
Blue Hills Honey

Leatherwood honey, Blue Hills, 500gms

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Blue Hills genuine Tasmanian leatherwood is a pure, delicious and fragrant honey.I
It smells just divine, and much like a precious expensive perfume.
Of course, the distinctive flavour of leatherwood honey is ultimately what makes this honey so special and so highly-sought after all over the world.
Some describe it as spicy, others taste hints of pepper.
One thing all agree on however, is that leatherwood honey is absolutely delicious.
Sweet, rich and with a lingering magical after taste, this is surely Australia's finest honey.
Packed in an attractive glass jar, with metal-sealed lid, this 500gram jar of leatherwood honey is a premium Australian food product.


(Please note: Because this honey is completely raw and natural, i.e. not heat-treated or ultra-fine filtered, it will crystallize quite quickly. It loses none of its aromas or natural goodness in that crystallized state and indeed, many people prefer to eat it that way. However it can be returned to a liquid state with gentle warming max 45 degrees.  )

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