Archibalds yellow box honey 1kg tub

Archibalds Yellow Box honey, 1kg bucket

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This 1 kilogram bucket is full of Archibalds delicious yellow box honey.
This marvellous honey comes from the flowers and nectar of the Yellow Box tree (Eucalypt Melliodora).
It has a lovely light-golden colour and a sweet appealing flavour.
Neither too thick nor too runny, its just right.
Great for spreading on sandwiches or toast, this is an all-rounder honey.
It adds flavour to stir-fried Asian dishes, sweetens hot drinks, and pours readily over morning porridge or cereal.
This 1 kilogram package of 100% Australian yellow box honey is sealed in a hygienic white plastic bucket or pail, with an easy-carry handle built-in.
Many Australian families also love their yellow box honey drizzled on top of a hot buttered crumpet, pikelet, scone or other baked treat.
Cake makers too, find yellow box honey just right for many popular recipes where honey is called for.
In fact if there was to be a single varietal honey loved most by Australians, it would have to be yellow box.
Archibalds is one of Victoria’s leading honey producers. The original Archibald beekeeper (James) began it all with 80 hives he had in the forests near Yackandandah in northern Victoria back in the 1920’s.
Today the fourth generation of this family of beekeepers is continuing to make high quality 100% Australian honeys.

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