Ambrosia Raw Honey 1kg jar
Ambrosia raw honey, 500gms or 1kg

Ambrosia raw honey, 500gms or 1kg

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Ambrosia raw honey is 100% Australian and all natural.
Its just as the bees made with absolutely nothing added. Its 100% pure and natural
With only the barest minimum of processing, this is totally raw honey.
Extracted at room temperature, and passed through only a coarse screen for bottling this honey still contains small amounts of pollen and wax.
That means it will crystallize quite quickly, but it also ensures the honey retains as much as possible of its original level flavour and aroma.
Equally important it also retains most of its original vitamins, minerals and goodness.
That why raw honey is often considered beneficial in the treatment of asthma.

Choose from either a 500gms or 1kg jar, presented in a glass jar with metal twist-top lid.

*Note: Because it hasn't been pasteurized authorities recommend raw honey should not be eaten by children under 12 months old.  And if you are allergic to pollen you should also be cautious about eating raw honey.

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