Manuka honey, UMF10+, Honey New Zealand, 250gms
Honey New Zealand

Manuka honey, UMF10+, Honey New Zealand, 250gms

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Quality New Zealand Manuka honey with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) grading  rating of 10+.
This means that it has been proven in laboratory tests to kill bacteria as effectively as 10% phenol bleach solution.
It will help treat sore throats, colds and skin complaints as well as range of other conditions.
Eat this delicious honey straight from the jar or, if you prefer, mix it in a glass of warm to hot water. (Make sure the water isn't boiling water or its anti-bacterial capacity will be diminished by the heat). has certified this honey as being a genuine New Zealand product ( license no EFD621). So you can be certain that, unlike so many others, this Manuka honey is really what the label says it is.
For more information on the UMF Manuka honey grading system go to
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